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ESS – Employee Self Service  

ESS is the abbreviated form of Employee Self Service.  As the words indicate it provides an employee access to his data in SAP-HR. We have formulated certain guidelines before your login into the system.

Do not provide your password to anybody under any circumstances. There are certain services especially approval services which are very confidential and sensitive.
Your ESS password is case sensitive
In case your password in blocked, use link provided ‘Rest & Unlock Password’ on ESS Home page. Reset or unlock your password by putting your user ESS Id which starts with ‘P’ and your payroll number and then put your date of birth. System will pop message that your ESS id password will be sent with in one Hour through your lotus id. In case your lotus id not maintained in the system the message will pop-up accordingly. In this case you need to contact your HR Administrator for maintaining louts id in the system.
Never Double click on any service in the menu. This will Block your User ID.
Don’t click on any of the services not presently made available.
Click on Log Off icon to exit ESS
ESS services are being simultaneously accessed and used by thousands of users across the country. To ensure reasonable performance, we are compelled, though reluctantly, to put a limit on maximum idle time that can be allowed on any ESS service. Thus on reaching the maximum idle time allowed, the session gets automatically killed and the data to the extent already entered but not saved is lost. We have to use ESS exclusively without keeping it idle.

General Guidelines


The guidelines have been done based on the feedback received from you all and our subsequent analysis of the same. The aim is to make ESS more 'user friendly'.

The following guidelines are applicable for the entire ESS application. In addition to this, specific trouble shooting guidelines are also incorporated for specific scenarios and issues.


1.    How to Log on to ESS?

Click on Internet Explorer ® Type the URL address as and Press "ENTER". The explorer will display the Welcome Screen as shown below:


Note: You can also access ESS from any Computer Connected to Internet e.g., ‘Cyber Café’ using URL “”

 If you are Logging In for the first time, follow the few steps given below;



Enter your User ID here.  The User ID will be your Employee Number prefixed by “P”.   e.g. If your Employee Number is “xxxxxxxx” ® the same should be entered as “Pxxxxxxxx”.  
The initial password, by default is your date of birth in the format yyyymmdd. Enter the same and click on “ENTER” to log on to the initial screen of ESS.
The system will now prompt you for new password.  Enter the new password of your choice and repeat the same against ‘Repeat Password’. 
Press “Change Password”. It is mandatory to change the default password when a user accesses ESS for the 1st time.


2. Better Performance & Look:

ESS best viewed using Internet Explorer Ver 6.0 & above and Adobe 7.0. You may get in touch with your local IT administrator for the upgrade in case the configuration is of a lower version.


3. General Queries:

Queries related to the policy, process, entitlements, absenteeism, leave, salary, password, relationship matrix and other anomalies; please take it up with your HR Administrator.

While sending your queries please send your following details, this will enable HR Administrator to address quickly.

Your ESS Login ID
Your Employee code
Your Contact telephone number
The service / menu in which problem is faced
Brief description of the problem